Badges2Bridges Course Overview

Badges2Bridges offers both in-class and online training for civilian and command staff. Support is also available to leaders on an advisory basis. We use the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) tool to support in-class learning. Training covers topics such as unconscious bias and harassment and discrimination within police services. 

Program Benefits

  • Staff will gain confidence when working across cultures;
  • Officers will be better prepared to de-escalate tense interactions based on cultural misunderstandings or miscues;
  • Learners will gain increased confidence in speaking to diverse audiences and will effectively navigate home visits, traffic stops, highway stops and other face-to-face interactions;
  • The program is cost-effective and is priced to suit a variety of budgets.

Program Features

  • Free one-hour consultation ($199.99 value)
  • In-Class training (half or full day)  
  • Free online modules as a value-add to all in-class participants for 90 days.
  • Online course can be accessed via the web (we recommend Google Chrome) on a smartphone or iPad.

Additional Services

  • Executive coaching for leaders and senior staff responsible for equity,  diversity and inclusion (EDI) (additional cost);
  • Curriculum design, for example, pre-recorded webinars on EDI (additional cost)
  • Cultural Assessment of staff using the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) – (additional cost).

Badges2Bridges content can be customized to suit the unique needs of your organization (additional cost).

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How Can I Obtain a License?

  • Organizations interested in purchasing Badges2Bridges can call toll free, 1-800-925-7052 for a free consultation.  
  • A representative from Badges2Bridges will follow up via email with an estimate for the training, based on the intake call. If the Service wishes to proceed, the representative will follow up with a Badges2Bridges license and an invoice that sets out the terms and conditions of the contract.
  • Services must sign the  license and submit a signed copy to Badges2Bridges (via email or hard copy).

Pricing (Online Program Only)

Services looking to purchase in-class training can obtain a free quote by telephone at 1-800-925-7052. Services seeking to purchase a license for only the online modules only, must purchase a one, two or three-year license. Staff can access the program from their offices or training centres via Google Chrome.

Annual Cost Per User ($USD)
(Unlimited Access to Course)
Number of Staff
$15.995,000 +
Free in-class, customer service,
on-boarding training (Full day)
$39.993,001 – 5,000
Free in-class, customer service,
on-boarding training (Full day)
$69.991,001 – 3,000
Free in-class, customer service,
on-boarding training (Full day)
$89.99101 – 1,000
Free in-class, customer service,
on-boarding training (Full day)

Prices are in U.S. dollars. A three-year license is recommended for the online program.

Year 1

Price as listed above

Year 2

20% off listed price

Year 3

40% off listed price

Payments are accepted via check, money order, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal.

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