Mission Statement & Philosophy


Badges2Bridges is an in-class training program for law enforcement professionals. The program aims to “build bridges” between law enforcement and  local communities. The program is designed to increase the cross-cultural competencies of civilian and command staff working with minority communities and under-represented groups.


What services does the program offer?

Badges2Bridges is an in-class,  cross-cultural training program delivered by Dr. Anita Jack-Davies. Online modules are offered free of charge as a value-add for all participants. Additional services include consulting services and support for leaders.

Can individuals purchase the online course?

Although Badges2Bridges is geared towards organizations, the online program is available to individuals for $99.99 for a one year license.

What happens after I take the free trial?

After taking the free trial, Services interested in  purchasing the program must  contact Badges2Briddges at 1-800-925-7052 to speak to a customer service representative. Services can also email us at anita@dranitajackdavies.com with your inquiry. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

What are the conditions of the license for the online course?

Organizations can sign a one, two or three-year licenses for the online program. 

After payment is received staff will be granted access to the online program within 48 hours. Staff can access the online curriculum using the  Google Chrome browser. 

How much is the in-class training? 

Prices for each in-class training session will be provided on a client by client basis, depending on the size of the class and the content for the session.

About Dr. Anita Jack-Davies


Dr. Anita Jack-Davies is an academic and cross-cultural expert. She specializes in examining issues of equity, diversity and inclusion as they impact the changing workplace. Dr. Jack-Davies is currently Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and Urban Planning at Queen’s University and founder of Mosaic Cross-Cultural Solutions, an agency that specializes in the development and delivery of curriculum materials such as online courses, webinars, in-class training, white papers, reports and EDI leadership retreats.

She is a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (www.idiinventory.com), an instrument designed to assess the cultural competence of employees. A certified Mediator, Dr. Jack-Davies works with organizations by conducting human rights investigations, facilitations and conflict resolution training aimed at reestablishing effective practices in the workplace.

She has appeared on the CTV National News and the CBC radio discussing cross-cultural issues in a Canadian context. Dr. Jack-Davies is the author of Lawrencia’s Last Parang: On Race & Belonging as Black in Canada (under review, Inanna).


  • Ph.D. Queen’s University
    Concentrations: Cultural & Policy Studies (major) & Cultural Geography (minor)
  • M.Ed. Queen’s University
    Concentration: Cultural & Policy Studies
  • B.Ed. Western University
    Concentration: Junior/Intermediate – English
    Certification: Ontario College of Teachers
  • B.A. (Honours)
    Concentrations: English & Sociology

Dr. Anita Jack-Davies in the News

  • December 2016: Watch Dr. Jack-Davies speaking on Canada’s CTV National Network News on the appearance of Viola Desmond on the Canadian $10.00 bill
  • December 2016: Watch Dr. Jack-Davies speaking on Canada’s CTV News as Canadians react to the new Viola Desmond $10.00 bank note

Program Advisors

Mr. Michael Grozinski has more than 30 years of experience in the police services industry. Michael has extensive experience as a police supervisor, investigator and administrator, including more than 14 years at the Command level.

His career spans positions within a number of bureaus and units including: uniform patrol; traffic unit; Morality and Vice Bureau; investigations of child abuse and youthful offenders (Sergeant in charge of this unit as well); Sergeant in charge of the Neighborhood Policing Unit; Bike and Traffic units; Detective in the Criminal Investigation Bureau (including secondments to the Homicide Bureau); Acting Detective Sergeant; Uniform Patrol Sergeant; Uniform Staff Sergeant in charge of a platoon and the Staff Sergeant in charge of the Career Development Bureau.

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“Outside of the initial training at the Academy, police departments typically do not inspect what they expect during in-house training. The Badges2Bridges curriculum is designed to provide an extremely high level of professional training while tackling the difficult topic of cultural diversity and the presence of implicit biases within law enforcement.

The Badges2Bridges academic format allows the training officer to ensure that the material is conveniently received as well as professionally understood. The convenience of web-based training allows the officer the benefit of utilizing the modules as a daily guide when working in the field. Modern day training within the law enforcement culture must remain aggregated in nature, thus the need to put an end to sporadic training has come. Badges2Bridges is a reliable professional development resource that is not afraid to address the tougher questions”.

Master Sergeant Walter “Shawn” McDaniels
Richland County Sheriff’s Department

Richland County, South Carolina, USA