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How Law Enforcement Professionals Can Effectively Serve Minority Communities Through Cross-Cultural Learning

Do you believe police officers and other law enforcement professionals require specific training for working with minority communities? Could their existing cross-cultural education be improved? If yes, Badges2Bridges is the answer to your cross-cultural training needs.

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Cross-Cultural Training

Description: What is cross-cultural training? Simply put, cross-cultural training enables participants to “see the world” through the eyes of others. This can be especially challenging if we are raised in communities that lack racial, ethnic, religious or cultural diversity. Badges2Bridges provides participants with the ability to ask questions they may be afraid to ask:

  • What is a stereotype?
  • What is racism?
  • How is racism different from discrimination?
  • What is prejudice?
  • What is unconscious bias and how does it “show up” in the workplace?
  • What does the EEOC say about discrimination based on civil rights laws?

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